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would you like to join us and become a topless waiter?

here’s what we need from you:

we need semi-professional or professional pictures as we do want to maintain professionalism of the website. to have an idea of the pictures that we want, please take a look at the current photos that we have in the website of our guys. please also provide us with your current location, whether you have any means of transport as well as whether you have any experience. if you are accepted, we will place your photos online on our website, and we will be in touch once work comes in.

please supply us with a contact number and we will be in touch with you shortly.

to be a topless waiter, you would have to:

*wear black pants, black shoes and a bow tie for certain occasions

*arrive 5-10 minutes earlier for each of your shift to mingle and chat with the bridesmaids and hen to understand what they want for the party

*serve food and drinks, as well as take part in the hens games

*not use any profanities whilst on the job and to maintain professionalism at all times

*not become intimate with anyone at the party while working

*keep everyone happy and make sure the party is fun

*supply us with your availability for jobs as quickly as possible

*maintain a calender of events with dates, times and locations locked in for each gig

*not cancel prior to the event once a job has been booked, and locked in (**this is extremely important**)